'Anabta, 'Azzun, Deir Sharaf, Wed 22.4.09, Morning

Nura R. (reporting), Irit (guest); Translator: Charles K.

8:20  Deir Sharaf (barrels). 

Constant vehicular traffic, many trucks, but since they go through relatively quickly, long lines don’t form.  Israeli trucks are detained and soldiers check them against a list whose significance we weren’t able to determine.  The soldiers are hostile, and the checkpoint commander won’t answer questions about it.  Every time a truck is detained, a line of 8-10 cars forms briefly. 

We returned via Jit junction.  Passage is free, and only the concrete cubes indicate there was once a checkpoint here. 


The entrance to the village is blocked with a large mound of earth.

We stopped in Qalqilya for a few minutes (for the guest’s sake):  the checkpoint is alive and well, but cars aren’t being delayed.