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אורנית, מהצד הזה של הגדר

Occupation updates during Corona

Why update during Corona Days?
Israel is the ruler of the West Bank. By force of the Geneva Convention, clause 27, it is obliged to enforce law and order in the occupied territories. Therefore, inhabitants there are entitled “to respect of their body, their dignity, and especially protected against any kind of violence”.
But this is not the way reality works.
The Israeli army and the Jewish settler/colonists harm Palestinians body, soul and property daily, and the Israeli authorities do nothing to stop this brutality. Israeli mass media too have shown moral bankruptcy and have long avoided reporting the real situation taking place throughout the West Bank. Thus, the Israeli public is not aware (or perhaps does not want to know) of the ongoing harassment of the occupied Palestinian population. Now, in times of Corona, the last brakes have been loosened. The settler-colonists are wreaking havoc, and with the support of the Israeli army. Palestinians are harmed,  properties are destroyed. Not many people care about what is happening in our ‘backyard’.
We, of Machsomwatch, will not comply with this situation nor collaborate with is.
We shall go on reporting on the goings-on in the Occupied Territories, in the villages and encampments, so that people will not say “We didn’t know, we didn’t hear…” when the time comes.


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