'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), Mon 23.2.09, Afternoon

Bilhah A, Yona A, Niva D, Ziona Sh. (reporter) Translator: Orna B.

Jubara, A-ras
A dialogue with the soldiers reveals the twisted image they have
of us, and to what extent they do no understand the essence of the role
we have assumed. It leaves us with a very hard feeling.
1:40 The soldiers find it difficult to open the
entrance gate to Jubara for us. First there is no key. Then they warn
us that it's dangerous in the village. When we state that for the past
7 years we have been here twice a day, they find the key but delay
opening the gate as much as possible. We become impatient and as a
reaction the soldier says to us:
"If we had been Palestinians you would not get annoyed".
" For us everyone is a human being. It makes no difference if he is a Jew or a Palestinian ".
"Don't hate the soldiers".
"We have children who are soldiers."
"Don't hate them either."
This is our image in the eyes of the soldiers.  Is this our PR failure. Or is it the brainwashing someone makes sure they get.
At gate 753 (The Children's Gate) the soldiers stop us, ask who we
are and where we are going. They read the sign of Machsom Watch and one
of them radios and says:" Women from Watch want to pass from blue to
red, do they have an Aleph?" Do they need a permit. Shortly after they
get the approval and continue to A-ras.
14:00 A-ras
The northern checkpost is manned. Not a great deal of traffic from
Tulkarm. Cars advance to the checkpost when summoned by a gesture by
the soldier. Random inspection of papers.
A Hebrew speaking Palestinian woman arrives from Jubara with a
huge parcel on her head. She sits down with her parcel to await a lift
or a cab. We gave her a lift. She speaks Hebrew. She lives in the
village Jamal. It turns out she worked a lot in agriculture in
Israel but now there is no work. We left her by the village. "Shukran,
motek" [thanks honey]
She did not know how to thank us enough. We carried on through the
hills, spotted in dense red and purple stains of anenomies, lupins and
14:40 Anabta
Three surveyors from a civilian Israeli company are measuring and
surveying the road, about 30 meters south of the checkpont. Two
soldiers with Engineers Force tags stand by the surveyors. A blue
police car stands in the junction.
At the checkpoint, the inspection of entering cars is done at
leisure. The soldiers ask a cab driver to show them the vehicle
documents. The driver is asked to open the engine cover and the
bodywork number is checked. A few minutes later the cab is let through.
About ten cars are waiting in each direction. They advance
following a gesture by the soldier. One car moved beyond the white line
drawn on the road before the soldier gestured. The soldier approaches
the driver and says angrily:" Where are you and where is the line?" He
decides that rebuke is sufficient and returns to the checkpost and
continues letting through the cars in the growing queue.
A soldier approaches and asks us who we are. After we introduce
ourselves he asks whether we have the right to be there without
protective equipment, without bullet proof vests. He wants to know how
long we intend to stay.