'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), Tue 10.2.09, Afternoon

Amit Y., Zehava G.(reporter) Translator: Orna B.

14:10 Jubara
Four police cars are at the Figs Gate. A few Israeli cars are waiting at the exit to Israel. There are no Palestinians.
There is a closureinfo-icon in the Territories - elections in Israel.
At the exit checkpost from Jubara there is no traffic.
14:20 A-ras
Pouring rain. A new shift of soldiers commences. They are all from the "Carob" battalion, which belongs to the Nablus sector.
Their first action was to position traffic- controller strips
between two plastic chairs, in the middle of the junction, no one knows
why. The checkpoint commander explains that their role is to try and
stop attempts at unchecked journeys from the south towards Jubara. In
our opinion the strips do not stop anything but we do not express an
On the other hand we suggest that if they now inspect vehicles
coming from that direction towards Tulkarm as well, why not remove the
concrete installation which blocks the passage to the checkpoint from
south, which has not been used in a long time. All the vehicles are
forced into crawling in ditches by the road side, which today are also
full of water,
Inspections are random, and there are few vehicles.
When we found out that in all likelihood these soldiers will not
be able to vote today, we told them what we voted for and were glad to
make the acquaintance of one soldiers from Ness Ziona, who declared
that everyone calls him "a stinking leftist" because of his opinions.
We asked what he was doing in this infamous battalion and he explained
that that was the very exact reason why he  thought that he ought to
serve there. His farewell greeting to us was - "Machsom Watch? I take
my hat off to you! " He is the one who deserves this honour.
14:50 Figs Gate
The police had gone.
15:00 Anabta
Both at the entrance to and the exit from Tulkarm most of the
vehicles are not inspected at all. A cab with 10 young guys is delayed
to one side, until their papers are checked. In a matter of minutes
they continue on their way. We saw many Israeli cars parked by the
checkpoint, but we also saw such cars entering and exiting with no
problem. It turns out that at first they did not allow Israelis to
enter and they left their vehicles and crossed on foot. Later they
allowed the vehicle entrance.