'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), Wed 24.12.08, Afternoon

Tammie C.

Translation: Natanya

16.10 Anabta
The entrance lane is closed and the exit lane is used by everyone. Why? Because of the rain. There are hardly any cars.

16.20 At the Teenim passage next to Jubara there is no line of cars. The Reservists are friendly. They open the gate to Jubara.

At the Children's gate (gate 753) are two soldiers and 4 ecumenical volunteers are chatting. A wave to all and we go on to A-Ras.

16.25 A-Ras
The soldiers are busy covering a building of stone (maybe a storage area) into which rain has leaked. Some cars go through with hardly any checking.  We leave at 16.35.

The gate at Jubara is closed but there is a green line at the car lane. We honk for the soldiers to come and open for us. Immediately a soldier comes. We ask him what the green line is about and he says that it is in connection with the yellow bar which will replace the gate and this is truly raised. We are calmed by this and leave.