'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), Wed 3.12.08, Afternoon

Tami C. and Dalia G.

Translator: Louise Levi

  Jubara – The “Te’enim Gate” is empty. Before the gate to Jubara there is a barrier (as at a railroad crossing) and a traffic light. It is red. We wonder why. New soldiers from the reserve forces approach us. They have no clue – not only about who we are, but also about the reason for this barrier … Tami explains to them about Machsomwatch. We believe that further misunderstandings between the soldiers and our representatives might have been prevented. We give them an invitation to our international day at “Zavta”. They are interested. They are in a good mood and so are we.


Gate 735 (The Children’s Gate) – The soldiers here also belong to the reserve forces. A soldier apologizes: “Somebody has to do it…”

- 6 reserve soldiers: 4 in the center, 2 at the exit from Tulkarem, but the moment there are no cars they also come to the center where it is shady. A “Women in Blue and White” flag is hoisted on the roadblock. There is nobody checking on the road towards A-Ras. There is hardly any traffic.

15.10  We leave.

Anabta – There are 25 cars at the entrance. The line on the other side is also quite long. It appears that all this is happening because of a Palestinian driver who lost his patience and drove over to the opposite lane. That is why all the traffic on both sides has come to a stop. The moment the car was somehow removed the lines dissolved in a few minutes. The soldiers let everybody through with no inspection.

There are no lines any longer. Pedestrians are being checked very quickly. We leave.

The injustice inherent in the nature of the occupation notwithsanding, it’s worth mentioning that with soldiers like these life is easier.
We leave.