'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Qalandiya, Wed 26.11.08, Afternoon

Sarah P., Tammie C.

Natanya translating.

At all the checkpoints we observed the usual miserable routine, insulting and wasting the time of the occupied people, which is everywhere. Even when the passage is swift the scenes scream to high heavens.

14.30  We go to Qalqiliya where there is little movement and the parking lot is almost empty.

16.20 Anabta.  At the entrance to Tulkarm there are a few cars, which pass fairly quickly. At the entrance to the checkpoint, at the exit from the city, there are about 20 cars. A soldier comes and explains that there is now a change of shift and so there are many cars and soldiers, all of whom are reservists.

16.35 The Te'eineem passage and the entrance to Jubara are also manned by reservists. They open the gate of the village where there is a new traffic light, green, and we have decided to call it "the traffic light of Abu Chatmah".

16.40 Checkpoint 753 - no traffic, at A-Ras it's also very quiet. Reserve soldiers ask what we are doing and we get a lecture that this is our land and has always been so because this is what God ordered. It seems they have a direct line to the heavens. One  of them said he had just come back from India, and smiled all the time.