'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), Wed 27.8.08, Afternoon

Sara P., Tami C. (reporting), Nadim; Translation: Galia S.; Ula, a young journalist from an Austrian Radio


Joining us on this shift is Ula, a young journalist from an Austrian Radio destined for women who was referred to me the day before by Raya to get information about MachsomWatch. She expressed a wish to join one of the shifts and, of course, we invited her to join ours.


16:20 – We arrive at Anabta. At the entrance to the checkpoint there is a soldier who lets the cars flow. From time to time he stops one for a brief checking and then continues. At the exit from Tulkarm 10 cars are in line but they pass almost without stopping. Three soldiers chat with us pleasantly about this and that. About 15 minutes later we leave and go toward Jubara.




16:50 – It takes time to get the key from the commander who has already been replaced and forgot to leave the key. In addition, the checkpoint commander demands to get our ID card numbers before he opens the gate for us. On our way back, he explains that he didn't know we were MachsomWatch women and that he got an instruction to open the gate.


17:00 – We pass the Schoolchildren's Gate where there are only soldiers who wave us goodbye and then we get to Ar-Ras checkpoint.


The soldiers here are weary but they let the traffic pass without interruption. We draw their attention to the fact that the road is rough and dangerous and can one day be the cause of a terrible accident (it's not the first time we've told them).


On our way out, a man from Ar-Ras turns to us about a permit for his tractor (his lands are behind the fence in Jubara). The issue is being taken care of. Let's hope for the best.