'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Zafrira Zamir and Hanna Heller, reporting Translation: Bracha Ben-Avraham

A’anin Checkpoint, 15:00

Neta Golan could not find out when the checkpoint opened, but, based on past experience, we arrived there at 15:00.  To our surprise, the checkpoint was open, but there were no farmers, just two bored soldiers sitting at the inspection point.  The soldiers told us that the checkpoint had been manned every day, 24/7, since the beginning of the corona closureinfo-icon, and only army vehicles were permitted to cross.  The soldiers had not heard about the fact that this was an agricultural checkpoint for residents of A’anin.  They were also unaware of what the District Coordination and Liaison Office was.  They belong to an active service unit.

Tura – Shaked Checkpoint, 15:15

3 cars and several residents of the seamline zone were returning from Jenin. They explained that not all residents of the seamline zone can pass to Jenin through Tura Checkpoint because there are two types of permits. One allows people to cross at Tura, and the other - only at Barta’a. Most of the residents of the West Bank (from Yaabed and Tura) who work in the Shahak Industrial Zone are forced to cross at Barta’a, which is farther away.

Barta’a Checkpoint, 16:00

Large groups of workers were returning from work in the seamline zone and in Israel. When asked how things were and how was the crossing in the morning, most answered “OK,” but one dared to say “awful,” and the rest smiled in agreement.     

People, wearing masks, were returning from Jenin with shopping bags, as well as a wedding band in festive costumes.  There was a sign next to the entrance to the terminal saying that Israeli citizens are forbidden to cross here.  It is evidently designated for students.