'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Wed 2.7.08, Afternoon

Sarah F. and Dalia G. Natanya translating.

On the way to Beit Iba near Anabta the traffic comes to a halt. A road
accident. A settlers' car has gone off the road and the army is pulling
them out with a rope attached to an army vehicle. On the road a soldier
guards with a drawn rifle. The car which was involved is abandoned.

Anabta. At the entrance the cars pass without being checked and there
is no line. At the exit cars are checked but there is no delay. The
commander says that there is an alert concerning a terrorist in Natanya
but they are trying to keep the passage smooth and they do so. He is
from Lod and pleasant and says that he himself is exposed at the
checkpoint. He admits that the checkpoints are there for the
settlements but sees no other way.

I meet a Palestinian at Micky Fisher's request as he had to sign a
power of attorney to a lawyer. While I am doing so the commander comes
to ask what this is about as he seems to feel that he is responsible
and I explain to him. At 16.30 we leave Anabta and go to Jubara.

At the Te'enim crossing the soldier opens the gate for us. We had
seen from the main road that there were no cars at Ar-Ras but went there
all the same because we thought that there might be detaineesinfo-icon at the
childrens' gate 753. And there were. 2 young boys. At A-Ras we asked
why they were detained and he answered politely that he could check and
phoned, We went back and found the boys still there. We asked the
soldier when he would free them and he said it depended but would not
say on what but then with a smile said that it would be soon and that
they were illegal workers. At 14.40 we left and the gate was immediately
opened for us. At the Te'enim crossing were 6 cars and pleasant