'Anata, Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Sun 8.6.08, Morning

Claudia D., Avital T. (reporting)

06:45 Anata

There is a lot of traffric and pressure of cars that go out to work. There are no children now, but two buses park nearby, and maybe they will arrive later. The soldiers are efficient and check the cars in a few centers, so whoever finished pulls into the road from the side while driving fast and making noise. There is no closureinfo-icon here, until the approaching wall will close everything for long.

Wadi Naar 09:00

When we arrived it was completely quiet, like Yom Kippur closure. But as we approached a few steps  the cars started moving slowly, and by and by the flow of cars grew. Cars were being checked quickly, and life were back to normal. What happens after we go away from the place?