'Anabta, Irtah, Jubara (Kafriat), Sun 25.5.08, Morning

Yael A. Rachel H. Natanya translating.


Many workers hurrying into the checking area so that there is
hardly any line. As they come out they complain as usual about the
checking in the "rooms" but we do not see that there is a very long
wait. At Jubara there is a change of shifts and as there was no one to
open for us we went on our way.


A long line from Tulkarm and one cannot see the end of it. Cars
are checked carefully one by one. A pedestrian who arrived in a taxi
says that the line is about 300 metres long. In the opposite direction
there is hardly any checking or lines,. We phoned Tammie and at her
request we remained a while longer so as to see if the situation
improved. After a few minutes it changed completely and cars passed
swiftly. All honour to Tammie.