'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), Mon 26.5.08, Afternoon

Yona A., Elisheva E. Translator: Orna B.

13:50 Jubara
We are waiting for a soldier to open the gate for us. He has to
get back from opening the northern gate to Tulkarm. An elderly couple
go through the gate, bringing a gas balloon to the family of Abu Hatam.
We and the gas balloon go through.
On the way back from Jubara there was no delay in opening the gate.
At the Children's Gate there is no reason for us to stay.
Very thin traffic in both directions. Just a few cars symbolically
inspected, but there is a chain of stones (medium size) marking the
Stop line for those arriving from North, and another for those coming
from East. A creative improvement of the local commander.
14:45 Anabta
At the junction there are 3 cabs. One of the drivers complains
that in the past 3 days he has earned not more than 20-30 IS a day.
"When there are no problems at the gate there is no work.". It is true
that when there is no pressure there are no pedestrians who get off
cars coming from Tulkarm.
The checkpoint commander D. defines our where we are to stand "for security reasons".
At the Israel-Tulkarm line there are a lot of Israeli cars. In the
first 10 minutes of our stay not a car was inspected. Neither entering
nor exiting. And then the soldier at the entrance post felt that he was
too inactive and decided that it was time for an educational
activity with the car drivers. Go back! , Stand aside! and now an
unjustified delay. An educational speech is followed by convincing
explanations re "Who decides here" and "Who has to obey whom". We tried
to explain to the commander that a diplay of strength and rudeness are
not to the point - but education for discipline and security takes
Still, since we continued to stand opposite the rude soldier and
stared at him, the checkpoint commander came over and put his arm on
his shoulder, sent him away from the post and replaced him with another.