Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Mon 24.3.08, Morning

Haya A. and Ada G. (reporting)

Checkpoint 300, Road No 60, Nebeh Yunis, Etzion DCL

06.40   Checkpoint 300 

      People come out in a thin stream;  4 inspection stations are operating with

       12-15 people waiting at each one.   There is no pressure, but the

       Palestinians tell us that there is a lot of pressure at the entry to the

       checkpoint on the far side.   There, only a few people at a time are

       allowed to enter.   The guard, who is either from a security company or a

       soldier – it is not clear to us which – is limiting the entry, and people have

       to wait for up to 2 hours outside, in the sharp morning cold. 

07.30   Hussan  

08.00   Beit Omer

08.30   Beit Anoun

09.00   Nebeh Yunis

10.00   Etzion DCL 

      Only a few people are waiting there, who have been summoned by the

       special security forces. 

      All-in-all, a quiet and sad morning