Reihan, Shaked, Sat 3.5.08, Morning

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Sarit A., Noah L. (reporting)

Translation: Yael Bassis-Student

Shaked 0730 - 0807
There is a line of  vehicles and a donkey with a wagon. The line is unusually long, awaiting passage into the West Bank.

To our question, drivers say that they have just arrived on site and have been waiting for not longer than fifteen minutes.The cause of the delay is a herd of sheep at the checkpoint.
Pedestrians, on both sides, go through without delays. The line of vehicles moves slowly. Each car is being inspected for about 7 minutes, until all go through. People stop and talk to us, wanting to know if closureinfo-icon is still in effect and when are the next holidays.

Rihan 0820 - 0915
Israeli flags are conspicuous, blown by the light wind. The state's B-Day (Independence Day) is coming up and here is one of our amazing achievements - the checkpoint.
Another stone path was added to the playground, as well as more plants and ceramic jugs. It is clear that our checkpoint wins the State's championship for the  "Beautiful Israel" competition for checkpoints.
At the vehicles checkpoint there is a line of vehicles awaiting inspection. As usual cars are inspected in groups of four. Average inspection time is 20 minutes per group. The tent that protected both cars and inspectors during inspection has been removed.

Wallid is not around today and there is no coffee. Under the shed there are two huge piles of egg crates. There is no passage of goods today. None of the drivers can explain the terraces that are being quarried on the mountain opposite the checkpoint.
Entrance of pedestrians from both directions into the terminal is going smoothly, with no delays. We timed it - 7 minutes for a few people.
Here too we are asked about the closure and about the upcoming holidays.
Peering into the terminal one can see inside a picture of Mona.
Out of the three lavatory cabins only one is operational and quite clean