'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), Mon 21.4.08, Afternoon

Bilha A. Ziona S. Natanya translating.

In contrast to the latest reports, the last week of the occupation has been calmer.


Today we came in Walid's taxi, Nadim's brother. This made
problems at the entrance to Jubara. The commander said that a taxi
could not enter. But in the end after a telephone conversation with the
brigade we were allowed through.  At Ar-Ras there is little traffic and
the checking is superficial and only at the entrance to Tulkarm.  The
soldiers say the closureinfo-icon has been lifted. Later Palestinians whom we
met denied this. We were left with an unclear picture.


Two men from Jenin, born in 1976 and fathers to many children
come to us and say that they tried to get a magnetic card but were told
that they are security refused. They do not know why. Neither of them
nor anyone in their families have ever been accused of anything.

We took their details and will send them to Sylvia.

entrance to Tulkarm is open and there is much traffic exiting. 20 cars.
They come forward to the checkpoint when motioned by the solider.
Random checkinginfo-icon and no delays.