Hebron, South Hebron Hills

Yael and Hagit (reporting); Translator: Natanya

The story of the occupation as a simple story

“Habimah" the national theatre of all has now become  the  nationalist theatre of us all and the world keeps turning. 


And how cheap and how pleasant in the occupied areas and such a Zionist action

 We are lucky that the Btselem organization, our big brother, has tours of Hebron and explain that not all of us think this way.

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The army which serves the settlers stands at the Path of the Worshippers and at the boys’ school and we see the army  trying to hope the gate so that the cars of the settlers which had got stuck could get through.

Besides all that we were today next to the settlement of Adoraso as to help Palestinians to enter the settlement so as to complete the olive harvest. The trees stand inside the settlement. Last night we received a phone call from them. The captain in charge of  the infrastructure of the brigade had been very pleasant and helpful.

Next to the olive passage at the entrance to Hebron on road 35 we met a woman tour leader from Hebron dressed  in absolutely secular clothing. She spoke very good English and introduced us to her group and we spoke to them for about half an hour.  Without Trump and without Bibi  we agreed that we would get alone and bring peace not only to the Middle east but to the entire world.