'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), Thu 17.4.08, Afternoon

Zvia S. Dalia G. Natanya translating.


At the entrance to Anabta there is hardly any line or checking but at
the exit there is. A police car arrives. The policeman, Amnon ( who
tried to chase us away from Beit Iba) gets out and checks cars of Arab
Israelis. Goes from side to side, first a car exiting and then one
coming in. Some are not checked. The cars of Palestinians from the West
Bank are not checked and at 17.40 we leave Anabta.


At the Tayaniem checkpoint the gate is opened for us to go
into Jubara. At the children's gate are 25 illegal workers who claim
that they have been trying for the past hour to pass and we suggest
that they try the checkpoint at Ar-Ras.

18.00 A-Ras

the entrance no checking and no line and at the exit it is superficial
and hardly any queue. We ask the commander why the illegal workers are
waiting so long and he smiles pleasantly and says, "I will immediately
give the order to free them." He had not known and the soldiers had not
bothered to tell him. We go back at A-Ras  and on the way meet the
workers who have been freed and are on their way home.