Reihan, Shaked, Sat 19.4.08, Morning

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Sarit A., Rahel C. (reporting)
Shift under the cloud of "Passover closureinfo-icon." Everyone goes through as usual. Entry into Israel is forbidden.

07:15 Reihan Checkpoint
It is quiet in the upper parking lot and relatively empty – only five vans waiting. The first people out of the terminal take their seats in cars. Only the barking of dogs to be heard. The yellow gate of the checkpoint is open. In the well-groomed plaza at the centre of the checkpoint, next to the slide, a swing has been added – and plants. No cars waiting to enter the West Bank.

The lower parking lot is empty. Pedestrians who arrive pass immediately. Blue-painted iron railings have been added by the terminal gate (apparently to organize the queue to get in). Walid is limping badly, his finger is bandaged. We inquire and he shows us the inflammation around the nail. He prepares our morning tea. Students coming out are waiting for their taxi to fill up. Traffic is slight.

07:50 – three cars being checked by dogs – as usual.

On our way to the sleeveinfo-icon we meet Raz who clarifies that we can only descend to the Palestinian parking lot by car. He knows! It’s always been like that! We asked about his function, and he said that he is replacing Charlie (who has moved to ?). We changed the name on the list of functionaries that we have, and told Raz that for all the years that we have been at the checkpoints of Bartaa, in all their incarnations, and we do not recollect such an order. He understood. We offered him a polite "shalom" and turned towards the terminal.
The only emplacement is manned not by a soldier (male or female) or a military policeman, but by somebody in civilian clothes. Passage through the terminal is fast in both directions. In the upper lot there is still almost no traffic. Ten vans are waiting. The drivers, as is their habit, are standing talking. The toilets are filthy.
Geraniums with pink flowers, planted along the path that separates the parking lots, were watered this morning.

08:20 – we leave.

08:30 – Shaked Checkpoint

Apart from a shepherd with ten sheep, almost no movement.
Black and red flag flying – Artillery.
New hut with roof.

08:50 – we left.