Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Wed 12.3.08, Afternoon

Tsippi Z, Michal Sh (reporting)


Meitar Crossing (Sansana)
12:40  Empty.

Route 60

At the sides of the road there are new concrete barriers that prevent sheep from crossing.
The entrance to Ramediah is blocked with rocks and dirt. There is a narrow passageway in the middle of the barrier but no vehicle or tractor can get through.

Dura Al Fawar and Sheep Crossing – people have to climb over a pile of stones. There was no army presence on the road to Hebron. We passed by the grave of  Baruch Goldstein, on whose gravestone is engraved, “The “Holy one” died an innocent and pure of heart.”

The disputed house
is occupied and being restored with new windows. There are four soldiers standing outside.

At the Pharmacy Crossing, a soldier is talking with a Palestinian. No one is crossing.

Tel Rumeidah Junction: Two soldiers are sitting in the booth and not inspecting those crossing through.

14:00 - Tarpat Crossing: Everyone has to go through the magnetometer. The soldier is inspecting all bags, even that of a 5 year old little girl.

Machpela Cave Checkpoint: Three men, one with grey hair, are detained. The owner of the shop across the road said they had been detained at least half an hour. According to the soldier, the reason was for inspection. After 10 minutes, their IDs were returned and they were released.

Soldiers sent three Palestinian youths out of the gardens alongside the Machpela Cave. Why? Because. It's forbidden for them to be there.

14:50 - Zif Junction was open.