Reihan, Shaked, Thu 10.4.08, Morning

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צופות ומדווחות: 
Lea R., Raya Ts.

Translation: Devorah K.

A'anin CP  06:00
The gate is open and the inspections are slowBy 06:18 only two farmers have gone through. Someone who is going through with a child says that the teachers are on strike.
After we left, someone called to tell us that two of those who were going through were detained, and the caller feared that they would be arrested just as Y. was -- and sent to jail on Monday. But in the end, the detaineesinfo-icon were sent back to A'anin because, it was claimed, they had not returned on time, on Monday.

Shaked CP  07:00
The passage is quick. The children go through quickly. Apparently the teachers in Tura are not on strike.

Reihan CP  07:40
There is a long queue near the gate, which is shut. About 40 people are waiting. According to them, the reason for this is that the inspection system and the equipment have been changed. A few days ago, a flyer with a detailed explanation of the new system was distributed. Sharon, the civilian in charge of the CP, says that the delay is due to the difficulty of adjusting to the new system and assimilating the procedures, and by tomorrow the conditions should be much better. In the meantime, about 80 people are waiting near the closed gate. From inside the terminal, we hear angry voices; it seems that there are many people inside as well. At 08:20 those waiting outside begin to be admitted in groups of five.
A man and a woman - teachers from Yaabed, who work in Umm a-Reihan, are waiting; they complain that they are late for their lessons, and that they are not allowed to go through at the Shaked CP. There is no transportation from Reihan to Umm a-Reihan, and the entrance from Shaked is closer and much more convenient.
A. from Kafin is waiting with his son and he also tells about the teachers' strike. He says that the situation in Kafin is calm, but he claims that jeeps full of soldiers still enter the village and drive around in order to annoy the villagers and provoke a reaction. He enters the terminal at 09:05, and we went over to the entrance to the sleeveinfo-icon in order to check and see when he would come out. He emerged at 09:35 and we drove him to Barta'a. According to him, inspection with the new equipment is quicker.