'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), Thu 7.2.08, Morning

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Nora R., Hanna P. (reporting) Translation: Galia S.


07:00 – As we have been told, the inspection today is very thorough. A worker who arrived at 04:00 was finished with the inspection at 06:00 and has been waiting for transportation for already an hour.


08:50 – A soldier at the checkpoint wolcomes us smiling, asking if we have brought cookies. It turns out he is relatively new and hasn't heard about our organization although he was given a crash course as a preparation for the checkpoint. Later he approaches us to inquire who we are and what it is we are writing. There is a line of about 10 cars on the way out. The average waiting time is 10 minutes. The inspection is random, none and then ID cards are checked and trunks are opened. The entry is almost free.


09:40 – Very little traffic. At a certain point, a report about somebody moving around in the area arrived. Two soldiers ran towards the place but found nothing.

Passing the Schoolchildren's Gate on our way, we see a woman who is not allowed to enter Jubara. We came across this story, which is not new, in the past. This woman is from the village of Far'un. She has an entry permit to Jubara through Far'un Gate but the gate is closed. She walked all the way to Ar-Ras in order to enter Jubara but she is barred from entering. The soldiers themselves contacted the advanced command post, which didn't help. We talked both with Tami and with the IDF Humanitarian Center but to no avail.