Reihan, Shaked, Sun 27.1.08, Morning

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צופות ומדווחות: 
Ruthi T., Haby N. (new member), Chana H.
06:00 Reihan Checkpoint
The checkpoint opened at 05:30 and people are coming out in a slow stream. All – women, elderly, and youngsters – were in the rooms from five minutes to half an hour. We talk with the women (seamstresses). Some have got used to the situation and have no complaints, but one young pregnant woman is not prepared any longer to accept this routine of being examined every day.
Students pass from the Seam Zone to Jenin – their passage with packs and suitcases takes about 15 minutes.
06:30 – in the Palestinian parking lot seven pickup trucks with agricultural produce are waiting to be checked. From the lot we can see about 40 people crowded at the entrance to the terminal. By 06:50 all are swallowed inside.

07:00 Shaked Checkpoint

The checkpoint is already open. Three cars with passengers and one commercial van pass into the West Bank. All are going through the inspection room, apart from the old man and his donkey. Passage time – three minutes.

07:30 Old Bartaa Checkpoint

The checkpoint is open and some 20 people and three herds are waiting in line to pass. IDs are checked, also against the sun (to see whether they are forgeries) and the names are recorded. One of the transients tells us that last week herds of goats were not allowed through. The soldiers did not succeed in subduing the uproar and they threatened to fire at legs. Eventually they dispersed the people, including children, with smoke grenades.

08:00 Reihan Checkpoint

Four passenger cars being checked under the roof – 15 minutes.
The terminal gate is closed and 15 people are waiting. It opens after ten minutes and all go on in.