Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Mon 14.1.08, Morning

Ziva B-P. and Judy A.(English)


 Sansana (Meitar) crossing
6:30 AM, 3 groups of Palestinian workers warm themselves around small bonfires on the Israeli side of the checkpoint while they wait for their rides.

Route 60 - there are no pedestrians – perhaps because of the early hour. There are few vehicles. The road is being upgraded.

Dura and El Fawwar - Open. We didn’t see any soldiers, pedestrians, or vehicles. 

Sheep Junction - Open to pedestrians. Very little movement. 

Soldiers in all the usual places, smile politely from under their wool hats. There are no delays,  no lines.  Children slide with delight down the hill from Tel Rumeida to the Tarpat checkpoint. A stream of tap water had frozen during the night. The foreign observers reported that there had been stone throwing yesterday near the Maribeh house and Palestinians had been hurt.

Shuyukh junction-  Students, mainly girls, crossed the road where Israeli vehicles continue to travel at very high speeds. Isn’t it possible to put a traffic light there, or at least, a white pedestrian crosswalk?