Reihan, Shaked, Wed 9.1.08, Morning

Translation: Yael Bassis-Student
Shaked checkpoint 0755 -
Few people cross over from the West Bank into the seam -line zone, also a donkey with a buggy herd of sheep (that does not always go through easily).
Some people go to the village close to the checkpoint.
A driver waiting at the entrance to the checkpoint says, "At first passage was slow now it is faster". It might be that when the soldiers see me observing they expedite the process.

Rihan checkpoint - 0830
 Many people enter the sleeveinfo-icon leading to the terminal. These are people returning to the West Bank following the closureinfo-icon imposed due to the visit of president Bush. I hear that among them are people who usually cannot cross through this particular checkpoint into the West Bank, there are some who normally have to go as far as Hebron but due to the presidential visit they are allowed through here with no problems.
The pace of people crossing is intensified; farmers and businessmen cross too.
Very few people go in the opposite direction.
There are very few taxi drivers here today. Some of them went to pay a condolences visit to Abu Abed whose daughter, Fadeela, passed away on Tuesday in a hospital in Jenin following a grave illness.
At the vehicles inspection post there is a line of 7 pickup  trucks loaded with vegetables.

- I left.