'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), Mon 24.12.07, Afternoon

Tamara H., Bil'ha A., Karin L., Yona A. (reporting), Translation: Galia S.



13:50 – We pass the gate to the village of Jubara without any delays. At the Schoolchildren's Gate, a fully packed bus is on the way into the village, bringing the schoolchildren back home.

We continue on our way to Ar-Ras checkpoint and discover the reservists' innovations. A neat tent is pitched west to the watch tower. The checkpoint is active with two soldiers checking those who come from south east on the road from Qalqiliya and another soldier who checks those who come from the north, from the direction of Tulkarm. The checkpoint commander enquires about our health.


The traffic is thin.




14:20 – We approach the checkpoint. One of the soldiers turns to us asking us to walk over to the western side of the road – there is a reason for it. A white Subaru that has arrived from Tulkarm with 5 youth inside is parked on the roadside. Five minutes later a soldier calls one of the youth and tells him to lift his shirt. He gives him his document and sends him to the military jeep that stands beside the watch tower. Another soldier asks him to walk over behind the concrete wall for a physical check and also to talk to the person sitting behind the jeep. After a talk of a little over 5 minutes, the youth is released and goes back to the car. Another youth is called for questioning and he goes through the same procedure, as do the rest of them.


14:55 – The Subaru goes on its way after all the young men in it have been questioned.