'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Tue 25.12.07, Afternoon

Dvorka O., Bruriya R. (reporting), Translation: Galia S

Afternoon - 14:00 – 17:00




There is no much traffic here, about 5 cars from the direction of Tulkarm.


The commander in charge here doesn't allow us to continue traveling the road to Ar-Ras and we are forced to go back to Jubara.




A line of some 10 cars on the way out from Tulkarm. The inspection is rather quick as not all the cars are checked.

When we leave the place, a taxi driver we meet tells us that a settler is throwing stones at Palestinian cars at Jit junction. One of his car windows has a scratch made by stone. We call the police and report the event.
First we are told that they only take care of complaints reported by people who have actually witnessed the event and for that reason they will not handle the case. After some hard words exchange in which Dvorka gives them a piece of her mind, which probably has some effect on them, we get a phone call from the Shomron Advanced Command Post telling us that they are going to check the matter