Events before: two days after bomb attack in Ariel, memorial day of Kfar Kassem The Machsom was changed again. The opening in the middle of the mainstreet was closed. When we arrived at 6,45 a.m., the access to the Machsom was barred by plastic blocks. Mishmar ha Gvul was playing with it, putting the blocks back and forth, opening and closing the access. Two soldiers were guarding from the tower and the roof of the gasoline station, 3 were checking papers at the corner of the station and the street to the Mosque. One was writing. More garbage was thrown on the street -- about one meter high. At the "passage" besides the Mosque there were three Border Policeniks. Two were checking and one - very arrogantly - observing and giving lectures to everyone. People had to pass a dirty kind of corridor next to the mosque. Then they had to climb over a small wooden platform. From there, one steps in the garbage on the stone wall and from there has to jump down on the garbage of the other side. For elderly people it was dangerous. The soldiers never helped them. Everybody had to wait about 10 to 15 minutes. The soldiers gave priority to school children. The observing soldier advised the others - maybe because of us - to be careful, because they would be responsible for an accident. Yael took photos. There was a 15 years old boy jumping over the wall besides the "passage". The self appointed teacher-soldier stopped him, took his papers and told him, that he never should do this again. He is not allowed to work in Israel. First, because he is a Palestinian; secondly because he has no "tazrich'; and thirdly he is too young. If he tries again, he will be taken to prison and his parents would have to pay a huge amount of money to free him.