On the way: At Kikar Zahal two soldiers were checking ID's, opposite Flower Gate Abu Dis: At the checkpoint, total confusion with 20 detaineesinfo-icon, most above age 40. At 06.30 they complained that they were already waiting two hours. (It doesn't sound realistic to us).Commander of the Machsom, Ohad Nahum, pers. nm: 71219992, border police Jerusalem, behaved very arrogantly and rudely to the Palestinians. He didn't want us around "...on my machsom"! The soldier on the tower shouted around:(For the Palestinians ears) "Let the animalsinfo-icon live". The checking was deficient, some orange and green ID's passed arbitrarily.A young Palestinian woman showed us a special card that she got from Gush Etzion. - "Cartis nilwe" - on the back of this card was written that this card does not give permission to get into Israel. However, it has the state emblem on it and looks official. She passed through.At 08.00 all the 20 detainees got their ID's back and were sent home, after a Zionistic speech from Commander Nahum. His behaviour was outrightly inhuman.