'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Tue 9.10.07, Morning

Ruti C, Elinoar B (reporting)


09:15-09:30 - very few cars, hardly any checks.


09:45-10:15 - an encounter with the Likkud group of women called Women in Blue and White. From afar we identify the wide-brimmed hat of the tall one, Yael. Upon reaching the checkpoint we hear the short one, Rikka, scream: Go on to the village! The Arabs are murderers! They'll scalp you! We decide not to run away, and we get out of the car. We are aware that normal observation is impossible, but escaping is not a good idea either. There are four of them today, one somewhat older and seemingly more normal. Yael repeats again and again, literally scores of times, in a low monotonous voice: "Idiots, you are endangering the soldiers!" Even her friends seem to lose patience with her. Rikka yells: "You know what they used to call you? Arafat whores! That's what you are! Arafat whores!" I lift my cellphone camerainfo-icon and try to shoot them, the camera is not working. I pretend to take their photos anyway. Yael approaches me and hits me in the face with her bag, again and again and again. I only say quietly "don't you dare touch me!" The older one seems to be slightly embarrassed, the fourth woman curses and yells. We just laugh, and this drives them crazy. Rikka decides to do something, "I'll show you!" she stoops down to pick a stone. The checkpoint commander, who witnessed the whole scene, tried weakly once or twice to calm them down. We didn't speak to him, didn't ask him to interfere.