'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), Wed 24.10.07, Afternoon

Tami C., Dalia G. Natanya translating

Jubara. 14.30


The Ephraim gate is empty and now and again cars arrive and pass.




Empty. The settlers' flags hangs on the post. From Tulkarm comes a cart and donkey which receive a sign to stop.


The shift is changed and after the armored vest is changed a ridiculous exercise takes place…(or frightening to anyone who does not know it is only an exercise). The commander runs with a pointed rifle and after him two of those under his command also with drawn weapon. The three lie opposite the imaginary enemy (my car) and point their weapons. After a few moments the show is ended and they go back to the checking area.


The donkey receives a signal to come forward which it does slowly and in the meantime cars pile up behind him. When at last it arrive it is checked and then the traffic starts to move. A red car overtakes and is detained. The commander calls us to come and speak to him. Tammie does not miss the opportunity and speaks to him, says we have to go on our way and takes her leave. At 14.40 we leave A-Ras.


Anabta. 15.10


The coffee man is there. The taxis stand in their place. No line at the entrance and the traffic flows.


One of the taxi drivers complain that his papers have been taken from him and he does not know where to look for them. We fill in a form of security prevented and give them to send to Tammie by fax.


A German television crew arrives and immediately start to film. They say that yesterday they got permission from the army spokesman to film the checkpoints. We therefore go forward with them to the checking area and see about 20 cars waiting to exit. But even though they have received permission the visitors are not allowed to film. The soldier checks with the commander who has not received the permission. We leave.


The story of the "permission and no permission" is in the Beit Iba report.