Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Thu 15.11.07, Morning

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Nina S., Biriya L., Noam K. (reporting)

 Translation: Nina S. 

7.15 - Za'tara/Tapuach junction.
No lines. From the north there are 2 active CPs. Buses and minibuses are sent to the parking lot to be checked, passengers alight and are let on after a few minutes.

7.45 - Yitzhar-Huwwara junction
 Is open, No manned CP.

7.50 - Huwwara

About 40 pedestrians wait in line. There are 2 active CPs and a "Humanitarian". The checking of outgoing vehicles is very slow. It seems the soldiers have lost all their adrenalin today, they take their time.
In the 1 hour and 15 minutes we were there, 2 buses and 1 van crossed. The passengers alight, each has to pass their personal bags through the X-ray machine, then they are made to stand in line as if they were taking part in a drill exercise, some are resent to the screening car while the dog goes through the bus and after 20-25 minutes they may go back to the bus and continue on their way. It's exasperating. In one of the buses 2 young women were not allowed to pass and had to return to Nablus, unfortunately we were not able to talk to them as we could not get near them.

In the olive plantation, about 50 meters from the CP, we see 2 Palestinians. They seem to be harvesting. Next to them there is a military hummer and 4 chatting soldiers - seem to be "guarding" the Palestinians.

At the parking lot we were approached by one of the coffee vendors - he is asking what can be done so they will be able to sell their coffee and the soldiers will not turn over their little kiosks and throw them out.
We explained that, to our sorrow, we are unable to help (naturally there seems to be no problem for the Jewish settler who has set up a coffee house, including permanent cover and chairs, at the parking lot of the Za'tara/Tapuach junction. It does not seem anybody is going to kick him out or turn over his kiosk).

9.15 - Beit Furik

Upon our arrival there are 5 cars in line going to Nablus. The CP is nearly empty and pedestrians pass quickly. A military car stops next to us and in it is a DCO rep. He asks how we are and says that if the soldiers will close the CP, due to our presence, we should call him, as it is against regulation, but we must say behind the white line!

When we leave there are 6 cars in line.

10.15 Za'tara/Tapuach  junction -
About 15 cars are in line from the north, 2 CPs are active and passage is fast.