Tulkarem and Qalqiliya, Tue 16.10.07, Afternoon

Yael S., Amit Y. reporter

Tul Karem Roadblocks


Anabta: 15:50


As we arrive soldiers are changing guards, so the traffic is temporarily stopped. There are 15 cars waiting at the exit from Tul Karem. But the new shift quickly organizes itself, and they wave the cars through freely. Within a few minutes no cars are waiting. There are no special restrictions today, and the order is only to sample check the cars.


Jubara: 16:40 


At the children’s gate soldiers assign numbers to those entering the village; when they leave, they are expected to report their number so that the soldiers can cross them off the list of visitors they have complied in their notebook. The soldiers complain of the old man who is no waiting to leave; he entered in the morning, and by now he doesn’t remember his number. 


Aras: 16:50  


Here also no special restrictions and only sample checkups. Traffic flows relatively easily today.