Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Mon 11.10.10, Morning

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Netanaya G., Yehudit K. (reporting), Muhamad
Mohammed and I left Beer Sheva at 06:45.

Empty and very quiet.  

Route 60
Clear as well, except for Dura-Wlfawwar, where a long line of vehicles awaited checking. The line moved fairly fast. 

Quiet, at least on the surface.
Pharmacy Checkpoint: all still and quiet is confirmed by two CPTers. 
Tarpat checkpoint: a polite soldier confirmed that all was quiet.
We walked uphill to Jewish Tel Rumeida to be greeted by Mohammed who awaited us with the van. His ID had been taken for checking. As we set off to seek redress, a jeep pulled up and an officer (three stripes - lieutenant? major?) produced the ID and returned it with the sweetest of saccarine smiles. "We're new and just learning the ropes" he apolgised. YK, in best schoolteacher manner, retorted that she hoped indeed he had learnt that Mohammed's ID does not require checking in the future. 
At the exit from Hebron to K. Arba we encountered a jolly group of soldiers, both male and female and officers as well as several military vehicles, presumably the briefing for another day of occupation being handed out.
Netanya reports that the road to and from Jerusalem is quiet. 
Quiet, occupation in progress.