Reihan, Shaked, Sat 16.10.10, Morning

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Shula N., Rachel H., (Reporting, photographs)

Bracha B.A.



07:20 Shaked Checkpoint

are only two soldiers present.  One is
wearing a helmet
and the other has a mushroom-shaped head covering. There are
no flags or other
military items about. 
On the other side of the fence near Tura the area looks exposed and
open.  Have the piles of dirt been
cleared away?  There is evidently a
shortage of manpower.  A tender arrives
with a driver whom we know and seven passengers get out.  The driver does not talk to us because he is
certain that he will be called to go through, but the two soldiers wait: the
one with the helmet leans against the fence while the one with the
mushroom-shaped hat sits in a plastic chair watching the inspection booth.  During the time the passengers are being
checked the driver honks occasionally to remind them that they are in a hurry,
but the soldiers take their time. When the driver was finally called we could
not hear what was said but we could tell by their motions and body
language.  Two soldiers outside cannot
watch the vehicles and keep an eye on a family going into the inspection
facility at the same time.   One of the people coming out was a resident of
Barta'a living in Tura who talked about events under the occupation while he
put his belt back on.  He told about
soldiers coming into houses in Tura during the winter covered with mud and
conducting searches using violence.  They
stood the men outside the house and pinned tags to their chests and
photographed them.  While we were talking
to him another soldier appeared wearing a helmet and wrapped in a prayer shawl
and was praying.  He continued to do so
until we left.  Later the soldiers
managed to let two cars through – one from Tura and the other from Dar el
Malakh. After a telephone call it became clear that the meeting that was to
take place between the Liaison and Coordination Administration and Dar al
Malakh never took place.  The female
soldier was evidently on vacation.  We
left at 08:00. .  .  .       


08:10 – Reihan Barta'a Checkpoint

everything is great and the occupation pleases everyone.  The sleeveinfo-icon is empty and two windows are
open.  The doors are slamming inside and
people are getting used to the new turnstile. 
Someone says, "Today everything is going quickly.  That's the way it should be."
On our way out we saw that few cars were waiting to be checked.  NO cars are going south.  A cleaning worker wheels a supermarket cart
with a large bottle inside.  We left at
08:30.  There were still 8 transits
waiting for passengers.