Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal), Sheikh Saed, Thu 6.5.10, Morning

Yehudith S.., Michaela R. (reporting)

In general: Inappropriate behaviour of M., a border policeman in Sheikh Sa'ed
6:45  Sheikh Sa'ed
As we approached, and before reaching the checkpoint, a border policeman, M., demanded we move our car which was parked outside the checkpoint area, where other cars park, and where we have often parked in the past.  An argument ensued, M. claiming that the regulations had changed, could not produce a written document.  He also claimed we were getting in his way.
We moved the car in order to cut short the argument and get on with our business.
When we started to film he ordered us to stop.  Again we asked for evidence of his authority.  He had none.  He scorned our own document issued by IDF spokesman permitting us to film -- saying it didn't interest him because it was not addressed to him, and he makes the decisions because this is his checkpoint!
When we requested identification, he was reluctant to give details.  We said there would be no further discussion between us until he produced the full details.  In return, he asked for our IDs and took one of them to be checked -- all the while by accompanied by loud threats to get us arrested.
At one point he conducted a loud telephone conversation in front of us, telling we were disrupting his work "deeply".  When we giggled he screamed that we were insulting him.  The atmosphere was tense and fraught throughout.  At this point the line was short, but M. decided to harrass the children who had already crossed, by rummaging in their bags.  After we moved away and looked back, we saw that he had stopped bothering the children.
7:45  Zeitim Crossing
A stream of people leaving the checkpoint -- crossing time: 8 minutes.
Wadi Nar
We parked near the houses east of the checkpoint.  We saw a soldier pointing his gun westward.  When he saw us he stopped.  At the checkpoint traffic was flowing.