Huwwara, Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Za'tara (Tapuah), Mon 7.6.10, Afternoon

Pithiya A., Ziona S. (reporting) Translator: Louise L.

Observers: Pithiya A., Ziona S. (reporting)

Translator: Louise L. 

14.25 – Zeita Jimaeen –The roadblock is open. 

The Za’atra Junction – 8 vehicles are waiting in line from the direction of Huwwara, but the passage is quite smooth. 

15.30 – Huwwara – There are soldiers from the Nahal in two security positions. The traffic is moving on without interruption. No cars are delayed during our fifteen-minute stay at the checkpoint.  

16.10 – Irtah – There are no guards at the security positions, and the incoming workers pass through the turnstiles and exit on the other side without delay. One man complains about the difficulties in the morning mentioning the problem of their morning prayer. Since they leave home at 3 o’clock, they assemble in one of the corners to pray. However, the workers send them outside. The problem is that outside there is sand, it is dirty and dusty and they cannot kneel. He does not understand why their prayer bothers the workers.  

We decide to report to the checkpoint committee and ask them to try to contact the company in charge in order to find a solution. 

Outside Pithiya hears two men asking: “Why are they here? They don’t do anything.” Pithiya turns to them and they suggest we come in the morning, especially on Fridays, because then it is most difficult. She gives them Micky’s telephone number, so that they will be able to call whenever there is a difficult situation and no machsomwatch is present.