'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Mon 21.6.10, Morning

Leah R. Ana N"S

Translation: Yael S
15:20 - Anin checkpoint

A concrete structure provides some shade for the soldiers - inspector. There are hardly any people crossing at this time. A person on a tractor wants to bring in some old mattresses and wool blankets that he found on his way, he is not aloud. He begs but to no avail. The soldiers insist on following the rules: This is not agriculture produce !  A talk with Adal at the DCO yields anger and unpleasant preaching.

15:50 - Shaked-Tura checkpoint
Scares traffic of both vehicles and pedestrians. Perhaps it has to do with the extreme heat. We stopped at the grocery store at Daher el malech, the family sits under an amazing oak tree.  There is an expected happiness in the family, a member of the family  returning is about to marry a resident of Jordan. preparation are in high gear. Another family member, a resident of Um el Phachem tells us that his mother is buried very close to the Shaked checkpoint but is banned from going there directly and instead is directed through a long bypass, through Jenin. We'll try help him, change this decision.

16:15 Rihan (the renewd Barta'a) checkpoint  The car park area is completly full of pick up trucks loaded with vegetables awaiting inspection and of other vehicles who crossed over into the Seam Line zone. We see here drivers whome we haven't met in a long time, some of whom are praying in the shed. With half an hour only one vehicle with passengers went his way. People returning home from work. Only a few cross over into Barta'a.

16:30 - We left.