Reihan, Shaked, Tue 13.7.10, Morning

Netta G., Chasida S. (reporting)

07:30 - Shaked checkpoint 
We were late this morning and  the gate too opened late, this according to people crossing over, due to the malfunction of the generator. 
The  number of people waiting  by the carousel, on its West Bank side were as usual and except for the lateness is starting passage, no other problems were observed. 
A number of soldiers stand and talk in the area of the checkpoint, if we are not mistaken there were also representatives from the DCO.
 The herd pastures leisurely outside the checkpoint - goats are not inspected with the Magnpmeter and the shepherded apparently was trustworthy. 

08:0- Rihan checkpoint
Most of those working in Barta'a who arrive by cabs have already crossed over. Many cabs were still waiting at the upper car park area. Part of the cars owners have gone through into Barta'a,. We could tell by the brand new cars parked at the lower car park area.A few idle drivers dozed off on the mattresses at the praying corner in the shed. They asked about the wedding held yesterday at E. in Zbeida that some of our friend were invited and attended.For the first time in a long while we saw a pile of egg crates in the shed, one of the drivers explained the pause in selling eggs by less demand for eggs in Barta'a.At the first vehicles' inspection post waited a truck and three pickup trucks with agriculture produce, they waited to enter the inspection area.
We didn't continue to the Dotan checkpoint which is lately manned by soldiers and we hurried to Jalama to pick up a sick person to the Ramb"am hospital. This time it was an elderly person. 
We took his son a few years ago for radiation therapy. Today the son is healthy and we were happy to hear that he had completed two years of studies at the American university in Jenin