Reihan, Shaked, Sun 8.8.10, Afternoon

Hanah H. and Yocheved G.(reporting)

Translated by Yael S.

15:00 Shaked checkpoint

The car of the school principal enters the checkpoint and leaves shortly after the inspection.
Another car enters in the direction of the West Bank, the driver and the vehicle are examined and proceed.

A single person enters the SeamLine zone so that  3 soldiers would inspect him.

15:45 Rihan checkpoint

There are relatively more people returning from Jenin, Is it one of the signs of the Holiday ?

T. complains again for the difficulties that two of his family members have to endure. No new passage permits are issued.
Female workers return from work stating that today they finish late. They work over- time.

  3 detaineesinfo-icon are allowed to go through after waiting on the bench.

More female workers return saying that they have to work "over time" due to the holiday and because there is more work.

More and more people return from work but traffic streams along smoothly.

We left.