Qalandiya, Sun 9.8.09, Morning


5.30 am
A tremendously long line of about 500-600 people going all the way to the parking lot.
It was chilling to see that the message  has been internalized- queue obediently 3 single file lines..
We met the new  members of the ecumenical team,
We got to hear about the brilliant new idea that the humanitarian gate which is usually also opened to workers aged 50 plus  now  increased the age to 60 plus so that the pressure on the humanitarian gate is decreased. Do you get it? You don't use a larger gate but you just eliminate another category of people! And to practise the new regulation the over 50 are already excluded although school kids are on vacation and the gate is fine. But you need a  trial period , don't you?
We will take this up with the Civil administration people. And let you know

 Roni p.