'Anabta, Irtah, Jubara (Kafriat), Wed 6.5.09, Morning

Michal B., Frances T. reporting.

We arrive at Irtach to a hive of activity.  Scores of cars and vans are
parked outside and the place is full of labourers, buses and

we ask several Palestinians what is going on, we get various complaints
regarding the length of time they had to wait to get through the
crossing – varying from ½ hour to 2½ hours.  Apparently this depends on
several factors – the time when the worker gets to the crossing, his
age and the specific security guard checking.  We are told that earlier
on, due to the crowding at the facility, 4 Palestinians were crushed
and were taken by ambulance to hospital.  We hear complaints of
overcrowding in the waiting rooms and inhumane conditions.  One family
with twin infants come out.  We are told that they are taking the
children to hospital and they had to wait over an hour.  There is no
humanitarian line.  A grim atmosphere and much anger pervades.

 07.20 Shaar Hayeladim.

ask for the gate to J’bara to be opened and our request is granted
immediately.  We see a J’bara resident parked on the side of the road
who is waiting for workers to come through the checkpost.  We are not
allowed through by the army.  Again we hear rumours that the gate will
be opened but since the last time I was here, nothing has happened.
Wheels turn slowly.

 07.40 Anabta

continues on both sides of the road but our questions regarding what is
planned for the place are ignored.  At the time  when we arrive there
are no checks, but at the sight of us standing by the checkpost, the
soldiers are prompted to stop and check cars arriving from Nablus and a
line develops.  They are also stopping and searching cars, making
passengers get out of buses and taxis etc., which causes a long line of
about 18 cars.  We decide to walk away to see if this will cause the
soldiers to cease their activity.  Sure enough, as soon as we leave the
checkpost, the soldiers go back to their previous lack of activity and
the line disperses!