Tuwani - military escort for children because of settler violence

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Michal (watching, reporting and photographing);Translator: Natanya
הילדים והג'יפ
ילדים ומתנדבים מחכים לחיילים

We went in the afternoon to see what is happening with the children of Umm Tuba who go to school in Tuwani.  The army accompanies them on their way to school and back because the settlers nearby often attack and frighten them. The army has not arrived and the teacher and five children are waiting under a tree together with the EAPPI volunteers and those of Operation Dove. After ten minutes of delay we phoned the army and were told that they would arrive. They did…half an hour later. And then the surrealistic scene which has been taking place for years continues. A small group of children walk home with an army jeep behind them.  They go up to the hill where stand the chicken coops of the settlers of Maon.From there the road is safe and that IDF soldiers leave them and return to their base..

When the soldiers return we are told that we must leave because this is a closed military area .....

Earlier in the morning, the volunteers sent me a video of settler harassment of the flocks in the same area.

On our return we wanted to see the food stalls at the Meitar Checkpoint which have been  destroyed. As expected, this is  a decree that the public cannot accept.  The stalls were established again. People say that the police arrives at 3 or 4 in the morning and orders them off and in the afternoon they return and so the circle goes around.

Interesting to know how long it will take for a reasonable solution to be found.