Etzion DCL

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Shlomit Steinitz, Natanya Ginsburg
DCL Etzion - a settlers come looking for cheap labour

A young woman lawyer arrived with her client who is prevented…."Information prevented"….of these weird army expressions which we have never understood. She has been sent from pillar to post to try to find out what this definition is and went in with him herself to the windows but came out none the wiser. The man is a contractor who has worked for many years in Afula and never had a problem. At the moment he seems to be trying to run his business through his employees who have been with him for years. He told us of Ein Kobi which I, Natanya, know well from hiking days. His father was from there and we both had good memories of the place, climbing down into a spring which was enclosed in a stone building. He himself has bought land in Bethlehem. 

Another young man who was prevented was at first very nervous of speaking to us, very suspicious, but Shlomit managed to get through to him and we gave him Sylvia's details. 

Another one of those weird moments when the settlers come looking for cheap labour and do not know where to go. The Palestinian gave him directions as to where to go ….which we never do in such cases.

It was a very quiet day but, on the way home we saw a sight on the path coming up to the DCO which we have never seen before. It was so unexpected that Shlomit, somehow, had the presence of mind to grab her camerainfo-icon and photograph even though the soldier  screamed that it was forbidden. He was not wearing army uniform but what seemed to be some sort of army gear. Probably once he got his prisoner to the GSS he would not seem so healthy. The question of which we will never know the answer is where he was arrested, why and how come he was brought in on foot.