Habla - the checkpoint was opened late and closed ahead of time

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Ronny P., Nina S., Trans. Judith Green

The Gate is supposed to open from 7:05 - 7:45.

We arrived early and a few people were already there, waiting on the Habla side.  There were nice female soldiers next to the Gate who had been guarding, all night, against people breaking through the fence.  i.e., the watch here is 24/7.

7:10  A car arrives with soldiers who open the checkpoint at 7:15 - 10 minutes late!  The passage through is quick and continuous for pedestrians, vehicles and tractors.

7:40  The soldiers start to close the checkpoint - they don't have time to wait for those who have just arrived;  they have other Gatesinfo-icon to open "on time".

So, whoever arrives 5 minutes before the official closing of the Gate - too bad for him.  There were vehicles with plants, but they will need to return for the afternoon opening;  they can't go through the Eliyahu checkpoint. Other vehicles could perhaps return through Qalqilya to the Eliyahu checkpoint and pass through there.  Pedestrians - not clear how they will make the detour, or they will lose a day's work.

What is interesting is that Abed, the owner of the nursery who was helping organize the pedestrian line, justified the soldiers.  He said one mustn't disregard the opening and closing hours and arrive at the last minute.  But what about the late opening which we witnessed - that doesn't interest anyone.