Hebron: an impossible reality

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Yaara, Doris and Idit, guests from the USA, Muhammad, and Raya Y. (reporting); Translator : Natanya
חברון - מכתב האיום על באסם ג'עברי

On both sides of the Tarkumiya checkpoint, on the sides of the roads like in under developed countries, lots of plastic bags, lots of dirt and garbage which seems to bothers only me and not for the first time. 


We continued towards the Kafisha neighborhood checkpoint, with the aim of visiting the wounded from the terror attack, after the trauma they unfortunately went through.

But we were told by the kind soldier at the checkpoint that it was not possible for us to pass today. We asked why the crossing was closed but the reason was not explained to us. 

At Abed and his son Muhammad's in the shop opposite the Cave of the Patriarchs. There are few visitors and the family's financial situation is not easy.

We continued walking towards Tel Rumeida and were stopped in front of Beit Hadassah by a soldier, claiming that we were not allowed to go up.

I was asked to bring the tourist's passport to the soldier. When I asked what he intended to check, He replied that he had received instructions to check whether there was a stamp in the passport.

I have no idea what the soldier meant (I don't know that I was supposed to have the passports stamped the Tarkumiya crossing).

Another soldier stopped an arriving Palestinian ambulance, and checked the driver's license. The driver was released after a few minutes.

Later, we saw that the ambulance stopped near the stairs going down to Shuhada Street, and someone was transferred to the ambulance on a stretcher. 

Bassem Ja’bri, who lives in front of Beit HaShalom, received a threat sent to him on WhatsApp on his phone with his picture, marked in red.

A difficult day in an impossible reality.