Jordan Valley

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Rina Ts. (reporter and photographer) and guest Marcia L. translation

On Tuesday and Wednesday, 10-11 November, an army exercise is planned in the northern part of the Valley. As usual, the training manouvers will occur in the living space of a community of shepherds, who will be expelled from the place (including babies, old people, and those who are ill), during the exercise, regardless of the weather, and with no thought about an alternative place for them to stay. They simply tell them to get out of the area. This week this fate visited the residents of al Burj (9 families) who had to vacate their homes on Tuesday, and the residents of al Mayta (6 families) on Wednesday. We can only pray that it won’t rain this week.

In an article by Amira Hass in “Haaretz” a few years ago, she had reported on a meeting with high-ranking army officers in the Jordan Valley, one of whom has said training exercises should be increased in areas where Palestinians live, as one of the means to embitter their lives and cause to leave the area.

13:30 – Hamra Checkpoint – Checking a vehicle in the direction of Area A

Five cars wait for the finger movement of a soldier to tell them to enter the checkpoint.

The hills of the valley are beginning to change color, from the gray-brown of summer to winter’s green. At least the weather doesn’t discriminate between the residents. Inshallah, there will be the blessings of rain in its season.