Etzion DCO: What would we do without the officer N.,Who always helps us

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Shlomit Steinitz, Natanya Ginsburg (reporting)

DCO Gush Etzion, Monday morning, 3.11.2020, 10.30 -12.30

We were inundated by those who were prevented and, of course, referred them all to Sylvia. The reasons were those that we know so well and there is nothing new under the Shabak or police to prevent them continuing their live. No reason to look for reasons when it is so much easier and satisfying to harass people and humiliate them.


 Amongst them was a man who had turned to us again. He has been accused of selling arms which he denies and his house has been searched several times but nothing found. Each time he left the house during the search and has given them a free hand. The case has already appeared in the High Court. His lawyer argued that if he is dealing arms why is he allowed to roam around freely, why does he have a driving license and that for a taxi. But he is still prevented. We told him to wait a month and if this prevention is not deleted from the computer to contact Sylvia.


Three people waited for the Shabak but at least in this case their homes were not invaded at the dead of night but they received a polite summons yesterday afternoon to appear.


A man brought goods for a family in Kiryat Arba. It seems he was not allowed to enter. In the case why was  he stopped. His truck was confiscated but he does not know why. Shlomit phoned the office of Tamir Blank to find out if they dealt with such cases but only the secretary was there. She spoke to him in Arabic and took his details. We also told him to phone Sylvia who has contact with many lawyers and can advise him. Shlomit told him to deal with it as soon as possible as each day would add to the fine and he said that he knew that.


A young man came with his father as he has just got married but because of the lack of coordination with the PA he can register as such.


A trader in stone came and said that he has not contact with people as he just delivers but N. , our helpful as always, said that with the Corona there is nothing to be done.


What would we do without this helpful N.