Ofer - Demonstration outside the court

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Dafna, Raya (reporting), Arik Ascherman, Neta Ben Porat, Gil Hamershlag, Ben Eshel (photographing) Translator: Charles K.

The defendant is Husam Ganimat from Beit Tsurif, accused of throwing rocks during the serious incident that occurred during the olive harvest.

The trial was to have begun at 10 AM but it was repeatedly delayed.  We weren’t allowed to enter but met the defendant’s attorney, Riham Nassarah.

We spoke with Neta who hurts all over and had a bandaged hand.  She also has bruises on her leg and stitches on her head.  Rabbi Arik, who never complains, was hospitalized for three days and still has pain.

While we were there he excused himself to go to his car and rest.

Here’s what happened:  On Friday, 6.11.21, Israeli activists came to help residents of Beit Tsurif pick olives.  Violence by settlers from Bat Ayin, with the army’s cooperation, has prevented them from accessing their groves for two years.

A week earlier the olive pickers were attacked and Gil’s hand was slightly injured.  The army, as usual, stood by doing nothing.  The next week, 13.11.21, about 15 violent settlers again arrived to attack the harvesters.  The army, that had been there previously, withdrew to allow the settlers to carry out their plans.  They threw rocks at the harvesters, went down to them carrying staves, and severely beat the Israeli activists.  Arik Ascherman, Gil Hamershlag, and Neta Ben Porat were injured, Neta’s arm -was broken, her head was cut and her entire body was covered with black-and-blue marks.  All their attempts to reach the army and the police didn’t bring forces to protect them.  The army arrived only after the settlers had fled.  It was the Palestinians who saved their lives, shielding them with their bodies.  Only one settler was arrested.  On the other hand, three Palestinians were arrested at home at 3 AM (one has been released), and today Husam Ganimat was released, only after Riham Nassarah, filed an appeal.  The judge said at the initial hearing there had been no cause to arrest him, and by the way added five days imprisonment.  Just like that, for no reason.  Riham appealed and he was released.

We returned about 14:30.

מפגינים מחוץ לבית המשפט בעופר. נטע בן פורת הפצועה, שנייה מימין