Barta'a checkpoint: In the afternoon, they cross the entire checkpoint on foot!

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תמי ריטוTami R. (Photographs), Hannah H. (Report) Marcia L., Translationב (צלמה) וחנה הלר (כתבה)
מחסום עאנין - בחזרה הביתה עם גרוטאות שנאספו בכפרים

15:40 – Anin Checkpoint

We arrived at 15:40 and found five adults, two children, and three tractors waiting.  The soldiers only arrived at 15:55 and told us that is the official hour that the checkpoint is opened (despite the fact that the DCO notified us that the opening hour was 15:45).  The only locked gate among three was opened, everyone passed through within two minutes.  An additional tractor with three adults arrived in a hurry and also succeeded in crossing.  The checkpoint was closed, and the soldiers disappeared.  It appeared that only tractors pass through the checkpoint; the rest of the villagers find alternative roads.

16:15 – Tura-Shaked Checkpoint

Nine workers return from the West Bank; three of them bypass the checkpoint, and pass through, it appears, to the single house situated on the northern side of the checkpoint.  One student and a family loaded with shopping items, return in a vehicle to their home in the Seamline Zone.  All of the purchases had to be passed through by hand to the inspection room and afterward, the family had to carry them the length of the sleeveinfo-icon (the enclosed passage to and from the terminal of the checkpoint).  Three cars with passengers cross to the West Bank and this “heavy” traffic is directed by traffic signals.

A convoy of contractors’ cars in front of us, go up our road to the checkpoint, after the workers get out.  All the time that we were at the checkpoint, many workers arrived; it appears that the number of workers who now leave to work in Israel, has returned to the number before the closures.  Winter is approaching, but part of the old sleeve, that leads to the checkpoint, still has no roof.  The passage of Barta’a residents who return to their homes from Jenin via the terminal is still closed. We saw about 30 people, laden with packages, leave from the lower parking lot to the outside road, go up the open area to the vehicle terminal, and from there to the upper parking lot.  Will this also be the arrangement in the cold, rainy winter?